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SafecomLink's features and values

SafecomLink distinguishes itself as the singular software platform that comprehensively addresses the full spectrum of operational requirements. Its multifaceted suite of features, solidifies its status as the premier choice for HF/V/U base data management on a global scale. With a commitment to excellence and innovation, SafecomLink offers unparalleled versatility, reliability, and performance to organizations across various sectors worldwide.


Ensure your online presence is broadcasted to all, while simultaneously identifying the availability of others through periodic beaconing


Verify the validity and performance of links to destinations, ensuring they remain readily accessible whenever you need them.


Effortlessly send messages in any language and customize the SafecomLink user interface to your preferred language, facilitating seamless communication for your global team.


SafecomLink reads your incoming messages aloud, like beacons, broadcasts, and livelinks, so you're always in the loop, even away from the console.


Extend your reach over longer distances by utilizing data repeaters. Linking even two repeaters in a chain to enable communication over even greater distances.

Alert center

Don't miss critical alerts, even when you're away from the console. SafecomLink utilizes Alert tags to ensure alerts are triggered on one or more destination stations.

Auto frequency change

If noise or shifting band conditions disrupt your live link, initiate a synchronous frequency change on both ends to ensure uninterrupted connectivity.

Forms & Templates

Choose from standard message templates or tailor your own to fit your needs.

Hand raise

Initiate a general call to inform individuals that you're seeking to communicate with anyone who hears you.

Link performance analyzer

Monitor your link performance statistics to identify anomalies and issues that require your attention.

EmComm mode

With a simple click, transform SafecomLink into an emergency communication powerhouse, activating all emergency communication features simultaneously for seamless readiness and response.

GPS integration

Utilize GPS data to indicate your current position


Operate multiple SafecomLink instances concurrently, all linked to a shared database, enabling your presence across multiple frequencies with various transceivers. Facilitate message relay and delivery between different frequencies.

Frequency Scheduler

Seamlessly transition between frequencies at scheduled times, ensuring constant accessibility amidst changing band conditions (ALE)


Optimize transmission efficiency and conserve power with SafecomLink's message, file, and image compression engines.

Relay notification

SafecomLink automatically notifies stations if there's a message waiting for them on your end, prompting them to connect and retrieve it.

File/Image transfer

Send and receive any type of file or image. SafecomLink stores and presents them within the communication channel.

Radio control

Connect SafecomLink to your transceiver and it handles everything, from PTT to frequency changes to antenna tuning. It supports hundreds of transceiver types from top radio manufacturers.


Enhancing your chat experience with support for emojis, sound effects, and gestures for a seamless and engaging interaction.


Quickly send asynchronous messages in one-to-many or one-to-one formats. Engage in group chats or alert everyone at once.

Live Link

Establish connections with any station reliably, utilizing a 100% guaranteed delivery link, even under challenging conditions.


Ensure typo-free communication during stressful situations to enhance message readability and clarity.


SafecomLink automatically logs all activities into a database, accessible for querying and reporting, allowing you to focus on your tasks without concern for maintaining a paper trail.

Mailbox (SafeMails)

Send and receive SafeMails. SafecomLink queues SafeFiles in your outbox for later delivery.

Path finder

Discover a route through intermediaries to deliver your messages to stations you can't access directly.

Unattended link

Stay reachable for incoming messages even when you're away from the console with SafecomLink's unattended guardrails.

UI Customization

Choose your preferred UI layout and theme for optimal viewability, including options tailored for visually impaired users and those with color blindness.

Summary reports

Access a comprehensive summary report of your SafecomLink activity, including detailed statistics for each individual station.

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