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  • What prerequisites are necessary for installing SafecomLink?
    SafecomLink is compatible with Windows, Linux, Mac, and Raspberry Pi using the WINE platform. Minimum screen resolution required: 1280x800. Disk space requirement: 50MB. RAM requirement: 500MB. Requires VARA commercial license.
  • Is SafecomLink compatible with other radio-based software for communication?
    No. SafecomLink stations can solely communicate with other SafecomLink stations due to its unique communication protocol.
  • What's the setup time for a SafecomLink station?
    Setting up a SafeComLink station typically requires less than 10 minutes. It features both an installation wizard and an onboard wizard for ease of setup.
  • Which types of radio equipment does SafecomLink support?
    SafecomLink supports a variety of radios from leading manufacturers, including: Kenwood Icom Yaesu Elecraft Flexradio Apache labs Anytone Alinco Elad Tentec Xiegu SmartSDR QRP Labs Expert electronics And more…
  • How many licenses of SafecomLink are required?
    SafecomLink licenses are allocated on a per-seat basis, meaning a license is necessary for each installed SafecomLink console.
  • How can I select the SafecomLink package that best fits my requirements?
    SafecomLink provides three packages: STANDARD If you're an individual requiring a radio communication tool while in the field or at sea, solely for communicating with your home or office, the Standard packageis the suitable choice for you. PROFESSIONAL If you represent a small organization such as a volunteer rescue team, charity group, or humanitarian aid organization that needs basic communication among team members and with their headquarters, then the Professional package is the ideal choice. ENTERPRISE If you're a large organization heavily reliant on radio communication for both ongoing operations and crisis management, such as rescue teams, emergency services, armed forces, police, firefighters, etc., then the Enterprise package is the ideal choice for you.
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